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Adriel expands its automation platform in the UK & the US

Adriel expands its automation platform in the UK & the US

Adriel, a South Korean startup renowned for offering automated advertising solutions to small enterprises, has recently announced expansion of its services across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Given to the current situation of distress and economic downfall, sources claim that the move could encounter various challenges as there might be massive impediment in ad spending owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Sophie Eom, CEO and Co-Founder, Adriel, has a different take on this. According to the company’s data, the ad investment Adriel had risen by 7% in February, followed by 6% in March, and is expected to increase by 8% in April.

Meanwhile, numerous firms are striving to achieve liquidity in this volatile economic situation caused by COVID-19. Most of these firms are nowadays facing budgetary constraints and are hesitant about outsourcing their marketing needs to advertise and marketing agencies as they tend to be expensive.

A huge number of these companies have no clue or knowledge about the correct marketing practices, and Adriel’s platform would help them mitigate all these issues efficiently, said Eom.

She added that in these difficult times, various entrepreneurs and startups are shifting their efforts and capital towards a more digital approach that can help them reach their consumer base efficiently.

Besides, the company is even donating advertisements to help small businesses in San Francisco to reach its customers. Apparently, this is Adriel’s recent initiative to support those companies that are affected by the wrath of COVID-19.

For now, there are several other tools that are similar to Adriel’s platform, however, fail to offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive feature like Adriel. The firm’s solution offers multi-platform support for handling Google, Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns under one roof, with an added focus towards advertiser’s true “long tail”.

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