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American Leather Holdings to start producing protective masks

American Leather Holdings, LLC, a Texas-based furniture manufacturer, has reportedly announced that it would be refocusing its manufacturing capabilities towards the production of personal protective equipment like gowns and face masks for front-line workers that are fighting the pandemic.

The company would be supplying these masks and gowns to hospital and healthcare facilities that are local to their production plants. Additionally, it would also be working towards some orders coming from all over the country.

Protective gear prototypes have already been created and the company is manufacturing them in accordance to the standards set by world health organizations. According to sources knowledgeable of the matter, full scale production is scheduled to begin this week.

Throughout the nation, hospital staff including nurses, physicians, and respiratory therapists need these protective gears to treat patients that have been diagnosed with the coronavirus as well as other critical illnesses.

With frontline healthcare workers rapidly going through PPE reserves, the country is facing a protective gear shortfall that is threatening to endanger the health of these workers as well as the people they are helping.

Moreover, owing to this shortage, people who have actually contracted the disease, and are required to wear masks to avoid infecting others, are facing difficulties finding them. The company’s initiative would be bringing much needed help by delivering thousands of masks to those in need in record time.

Bruce Birnbach, American Leather Holdings CEO, stated that by manufacturing on a local level, the company can get these protective gear to the frontlines more quickly. Considering the fact that, up until now, most of the protective gear have been manufactured overseas, the company’s local response is likely to play a crucial role in the fight against the pandemic.

American Leather Holdings firms that would be taking part in these efforts include American Leather, located in Dallas, Texas, which employs a dedicated in-house sewing workforce, Brookline Furniture, and Lee Industries, with both their manufacturing units in North Carolina.

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