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Avnet unveils XRF16 SOM to enhance product offerings for next-gen 5G


Avnet, a leading provider of global technology solutions, recently announced that it has launched the Avnet XRF16 system-on-module, that mainly features Xilinx Zynq UltraScale + Radio Frequency (RF) System-on-Chip SoC Gen-2. The new model helps improve the product offerings of Avnet for the developers working on the applications needing of next-gen 5G connectivity by having boosted valuable development as well as the production time.

Apparently, the developers are heavily relying on the 5G connectivity to help deployments and enable their devices as the they get the latest applications to the market. With the help of XRF16, the developers can now turn towards the end-to-end product development ecosystem of Avnet for all the tools that are needed to support their development process.

The developers can start the application development and the prototype immediately as well as move to production with similar hardware, majorly reducing the time to market, with the introduction of the XRF16 module and comprehensive software suite.

The XRF16 is a major example of the leadership of Avnet in the development of system-on-modules, that the developers have increasingly turned towards as they look for a smaller footprint and low-power solution, which support real-time processing for various applications like radar, medical imaging, 5G MIMO and beamforming.

Avnet’s engineering and technology vice president, Jim Beneke stated that developers need the most recent technology to be able to deliver the 5G initiatives as well as projects. The company along with Xilinx had developed a solution module that is production-ready and lets the developers free their focus to differentiate the features on the product.

This has been the company’s most recent offer designed to boost time-to-market, and by having leveraged the groundbreaking newer standard of connectivity the group of developers are capable of delivering real business value. The Avnet XRF16 is essentially a 16-channel transceiver module that has the capability of RF direct conversion of the waveforms with the analog bandwidth up to 5GHz.

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