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BOBST, CITO-SYSTEM collaborate to accelerate innovations in tooling

BOBST, CITO-SYSTEM collaborate to accelerate innovations in tooling

Switzerland based industry machinery firm BOBST has reportedly gained a 51% majority interest in CITO- SYSTEM, with the management of the latter company retaining the remaining 49%. The two companies will partner to foster innovations across tooling and die-making industries.

Apparently, CITO-SYSTEM will continue to operate under the same management with its prevailing recognized branding and agent platform. The firm is known for providing various components to the converting and die-making companies with expertise in cardboard, paper, and corrugated board.

According to Julien Laran, Head of Bobst’s Business Unit Service, with the growing need for sustainable packaging solutions, the partnership will aim at improving the entire packaging system with respect to innovation and standardization. Both the companies will ensure that die-makers can produce and distribute the most appropriate tooling for an agile packaging system that assists converters by providing a competitive advantage, Laran further added.

Reportedly, BOBST has recognized the importance of advancing the packaging solutions by integrating all the key components that contribute towards packaging production. Tooling is a necessary component and over the years BOBST has built a wide range of tooling innovations.

For the record, in the year 2017, the company acquired a major participation in BOXPLAN GmbH &Co. KG. BOXPLAN renders a wide range of die-cutting innovations to the wide packaging sector including the Hybridsetter, an ultimate tool for the production of dynamic stripping forms for die-cutters. Moreover, BOBST launched the BOBST Certification Program in the year 2018 to help die-makers at the local level provide the best possible tooling solution for BOBST machines.

Incorporated in the year 1906, CITO-SYSTEM is a privately-owned international entity headquartered in Germany. CITO-SYSTEM is a major company in the area of creasing systems for the packaging sector. The company is a prominent name in the manufacturing of packaging made of paper, corrugated boxes and cardboard.


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