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Coronavirus scare prompts Samsung AGM to go the electronic way


Wiping out almost an expanse of well established companies in China, coronavirus has now created a havoc in the global business realm. The need for social distancing has now been clearly understood by the companies worldwide. In wake of this, one of the prominent electronics companies, Samsung Electronics has taken measures to help it get through this pandemic during its annual general meeting this March.

As per credible reports, the technology giant has adopted electronic voting for the first time ever to realize annual general meeting (AGM) 2020, that is set to take place on 18th March. In addition to this, the company has also directed its shareholders to use the same to help curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

It has been claimed that the company’s AGM would be hosted at a convention center in Suwon, which is in proximity to Seoul, and would accommodate almost over 3,000 people, as cited by the center’s website. In line with this, the company’s investor relations website also urged shareholders to leverage the chance to vote via the internet up to 17th March.

The meeting hall would be equipped with thermal cameras and contactless thermometers, ensuring the safety of people around, whereas the shareholders with flue like symptoms may be restricted from entering.

According to official sources, this decision comes in response to surging cases of coronavirus in South Korea. Considering the guidance issued by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the company exclusively called for electronic voting, especially by shareholders showing symptoms of the flu, or the ones with a travel history to regions detected with high risk of corona, or people who are identified to be vulnerable to this pandemic including pregnant women, and people above 65 years of age.

Apparently, Samsung is not the first company taking measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. Globe’s second-largest chip maker company, SK Hynix, as well devices to seat its shareholders about two meters away from each other in the AGM that is expected to take place on Friday.

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