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Cutover to now offer SaaS platform for remote IT teams on AWS


Cutover- a work Orchestration and Observability SaaS network that helps the companies to accelerate their migration to the cloud with operational flexibility has recently announced that it is available for procurement and provisioning in Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace.

Reportedly, cutover allows rapid and flexible transfer to the cloud system by utilizing Amazon Web Services along with its Work Orchestration and Observability network.

Apparently, many large IT firms, resilience teams, and financial compliance teams are using obsolete, on-premises IT tools that are inflexible, require high maintenance, and don’t integrate with machine automation services. Most of these tools have not been developed to accommodate the planning and operations of the financial services industry.

For the record, as companies transfer their application to the cloud, the older systems become a limitation on productivity, innovation, and agility.

On the other hand, Cutover provides a modern, scalable SaaS service for IT Remote Team Orchestration that allows virtual teams in various locations to orchestrate their tasks and projects in real-time, across various remote workforces that are distributed worldwide.

Notably, the customizable user interface allows large companies to flexibly describe and map their changing application portfolio and projects by cost center and the business unit ensuring visibility and providing simplified and personalized reports to the executive who may need to be informed regarding the progress of the team.

According to Will Westwick, CTO of Enterprise Technology, Barclays, both AWS and Cutover help in the delivery of the company’s key cloud program. Cutover helps the entity understand its migration goals along with assuring operational resilience reporting and playbook invocation.

He further added that, during the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent effect on the workings of the company, by making the financial solutions available in the AWS marketplace, the customers can easily initiate new contracts and renew, upgrade and expand their terms.

Cutover is trusted by several Fortune 500 companies to facilitate their migration projects to the cloud.


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