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Digital Garage in Japan deploys IDEMIA’s contactless biometric reader


IDEMIA, a leading security solutions provider recently announced the first deployment of a unique biometric reader, MorphoWave™ Compact in Japan, for providing convenience and high security for businesses and the public.

Reportedly, the seamless biometric system was installed in the new headquarters of Digital Garage, an internet group located in Tokyo.

The company is the first to experience such a seamless, frictionless and fast biometric access control all across Japan, with this deployment conducted in collaboration with official value added partner of IDEMIA, JAPAN AEROSPACE CORPORATION (JAC). The partner firm also conducted the network configuration leveraging MorphoWave™ Compact to be integrated in the system of Digital Garage.

Employees at Digital Garage’s headquarters will reap all the benefits of MorphoWave™ Compact for floor and office access control. Just by a contactless wave gesture of the hand in front of the biometric reader, they can authenticate their biometrics.

For the record, MorphoWave™ Compact is a best-in-class biometric reader that is equipped 3D fingerprint technology powered by AI. It can scan 4 fingers in less than a second. The biometric system eliminates the need for tailgating, remembering PINs, carrying cards and importantly, the major concern of many people, touching the same surface.

The biometric reader ensures speed, convenience, efficiency and security. Also, this is a more hygienic verification method as the user fingerprints are not required in the contactless biometric sensor, while accessing the floor or office building.

Nezu Nobuyoshi, M.D. and V.P. of Sales in IDEMIA Japan reportedly said that with rising number of access points in offices and buildings, inclusion of a touchless 3D fingerprint authentication technology is becoming highly important to achieve convenience as well as maximum security. Nobuyoshi added that as a leader in biometrics sphere, the company is committed to provide entities with an advanced biometric technology that aids users to identify themselves conveniently, without any complications.


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