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Facebook files lawsuits against users abusing platforms to scrape data


Facebook, the social media giant, has reportedly filed a complaint against certain individuals in the US and Europe for abusing its social media platforms to provide automated tools for gathering likes and scraping personal data of users.

As per a reliable source, the defendant in the U.S. lawsuit operated a data scraping service known as Massroot8. An individual named Mohommad Zaghar operated this data scraping service, that inappropriately gathered information by asking platform users to offer their Facebook login credentials. Massroot8 gathered this data through the use of a computer program to monitor and manage a bot network that pretended to be an Android device linked with the official Facebook smartphone application.

On the other hand, European lawsuit defendants used a Spain based false engagement service that used automation software to gain fake comments and likes on Facebook’s other social media platform, Instagram. The company stated that the individuals chose this move to gain profits and continued with their work even after the company sent a cease and desist letter and also disabled their accounts.

While speaking on the matter, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation of Facebook, Jessica Romero stated that this is among the very first times that a social media firm is choosing a very coordinated, multi-jurisdictional litigation to follow its rules and regulations and safeguard its users.

Facebook has witnessed the growth of 61% in its shares from mid-March as the platform has been gaining huge profits due to increased user boom during the COVID-19 pandemic that bolstered the demand for remote social engagement and online businesses and operating tools. The stock saw a slight change on Thursday at $235.35 during early afternoon trading. With regards to a recent rally, the average price target of $244.93 by analysts would now see a limited upsurge of 4% during the upcoming 12 months.


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