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Jingrong in China has witnessed setting up of 75 incubation platforms


Owing to the current COVID-19 pandemic which has severely affected the global economy and caused investment attraction difficulties among various other issues, the Investment Promotion Department of the Management Committee of the Chengdu Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base held the Investment Promotion Hundred-Day Competition 2020 in Chengdu.

Reportedly, with the establishment of the Jingrong facility for shared innovation solutions, the investment environment of the Pidu district and the carrier firms of Jingrong will be encouraged. Moreover, Pidu’s policies that aim at advancements, innovations, and entrepreneurship will be explained in detail.

For the record, the Jingrong Town Investment Association was established primarily to encourage enterprises to work together and share new opportunities and build a new future.

Currently, Jingrong town has revamped and constructed an innovation and entrepreneurship facility of nearly 1.219 million square meters. It has established 75 incubation platforms like JD Cloud, FENOX, TUSHOLDINGS, and Cyzone. It has also developed two national incubators, three municipal incubators, and thirteen provincial incubators.

Citing sources, it has gathered more than 106,000 incubator makers, which has attracted nearly 59 high-level professionals from various talent programs such as Thousand Talent Program experts and two academy fellows.

Apparently, Jingrong has set up a maker mentor group of over 100 people and has also introduced 27 leading entities such as Megvii and Tomi International. Moreover, it has created 23 potential unicorn companies, established friendly city relations with Dublin ( California) in the U.S., and Raunheim in Germany.

Seemingly, along with the aforementioned achievements, Jingrong has also introduced five municipal and provincial engineering units, including a big data industrial technology research center in Chengdu and an AI research facility.

Furthermore, Jingrong has executed 141 industrialization projects and is home to nearly 32 high-tech companies that generate nearly USD 3.96 billion in total high-tech industry value output.

As per reports, Jingrong has strongly promoted the talent attraction plan by Chengdu and developed 1,676 completely furnished and equipped maker apartments. It has 25 different kinds of funds, 46 listed companies and 39 public platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation.


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