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McAfee collaborates with Atlassian to offer advanced data security


McAfee, an American computer software security company, has recently formed a collaboration with a leading productivity software and team collaboration provider, Atlassian. The collaboration will assist organizations, which are moving their operations to the cloud, with advanced threat protection and data security capabilities.

Atlassian customers can leverage McAfee MVISION Cloud to apply their security policies in services through the recent collaboration. This cloud platform offers control and visibility for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) across DevOps and Content Management systems environments. These services can be offered via a unified security platform, which enables customers to obtain a comprehensive control over the cloud services from unmanaged and managed devices.

McAfee MVISION Cloud will help customers securely accelerate their businesses by preventing the regulated or sensitive data from being shared or uploaded with unauthorized parties, limiting the syncing and downloading processes in unmanaged devices, offering the ability to capture the whole audit trail, as well as detecting and remediating against misconfigurations & configuration drift in Bitbucket Cloud & Bamboo products of Atlassian, while using Jira Software & Confluence Cloud products.

The average enterprise organization reportedly adopts 1,400 different cloud services. These organizations, which are moving their operations to remote working environments, must evolve the security measures to meet various challenges such as application misconfiguration, insider threats, usage of devices outside traditional network parameters, and unintentional data uploads, among others.

Sources familiar with the matter have stated that 99% of the cloud security failures through 2025 will stem from customers. This has driven the enterprises to look for additional security controls to be enforced on their cloud solutions beyond SaaS or IaaS.

While effectively and rapidly responding to security incidents, Atlassian simplifies the tasks of operating and building secure products by developers. The McAfee cloud platform integrates security for various services of Atlassian into the DevOps toolchains to fulfill the promise of DevSecOps as well as allow organizations to deploy infrastructure, applications, and workloads rapidly, while meeting the regulatory and security compliance best practices.

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