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MIG USA to supply rapid-result coronavirus test kit VITAK-19 globally

MIG USA to supply rapid-result coronavirus test kit VITAK-19 globally

The Mjalli Investment Group, better known as MIG USA, primarily focusing on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research developments along with its corporate partners have reportedly secured rights to produce and supply VITAK-19, a rapid result generating coronavirus test kit to local, regional and global medical authorities.

Apparently, the company has adequate stock of test kits to supply in case of emergencies. MIG aims at supplying nearly 500,000 test kits within the next 24 to 48 hours and 100,000 kits per day thereafter.

For the record, the test only requires a fingertip blood sample and the results are delivered in a span of 8 minutes. The test may be self- administered just like diabetes home-screening and allows individuals and the healthcare experts to follow required instructions mentioned in the kit.

According to Dr. Adnan M. Mjalli, Executive Chairman of MIG USA, the kits will help in the rapid detection of the virus. The novel IgM/IgG kit helps in reliable point-of-care tests for coronavirus antibodies.

Reportedly, the company aims at establishing a manufacturing facility in High Point, North Carolina to facilitate production of the kits in order to cater to the increasing demand.

Citing reliable sources, the company has set up a reliable and strong research and development team in order to design and develop an array of anti-virus solutions in order to ensure fast response and prophylactic measures to fight diseases like COVID-19.

MIG USA is a privately-owned entity based in North Carolina with a regional office in Ramallah, Palestine. The company monitors an array of investments, ranging from various disciplines such as education, trade, energy, healthcare, real estate, construction, entertainment, and other crucial industries.

MIG USA’s list of subsidiaries includes Baby Fist, High Point Clinical Trials Center, HPC Global, Oasis Investment, Mjalli Company & Co., MIG AG, Zain, and Research Express, to name a few.


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