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Mitsubishi unveils its plan to acquire 34% stake in EKE-Electronics

Mitsubishi unveils its plan to acquire 34% stake in EKE-Electronics
  • Mitsubishi Electric has acquired a 34% share in EKE-Electronics
  • The company aims to strengthen its TCMS and CBM systems

Japanese electrical equipment manufacturing major Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has reportedly announced its acquisition of 34% stake in Finnish train information systems manufacturer EKE-Electronics Limited. This partnership is intended to enhance Mitsubishi’s performance in furnishing efficient train information systems in the international market.

As per sources, the railway industry has been continuously showing an increasing demand for efficient customer service, quicker response to operation troubles, IoT-enabled maintenance activities and analytic technology for collection and analysis of big data from the trains in operation. In the ensuing years, railway systems are expected to be equipped with digital technology, which is likely to add an impetus to the value of information-based equipment in the worldwide railway market.

For the uninitiated, Mitsubishi Electric has cited this collaboration as an opportunity to enhance product competitiveness of its train control and management systems (TCMS) and for the establishment of reliable support system technology for condition-based maintenance (CBM).

EKE-Electronics has been known for over thirty years for its expertise in the production and sales of train information systems and its peripherals in Europe, Asia, as well as Oceania. This partnership with EKE-Electronics will help to strengthen Mitsubishi’s TCMS and remote condition monitoring system and also help to establish CBM support system for railcar.

Mitsubishi aims to leverage the companies’ know-how and sales channels to expand its business of train information systems in the overseas market.

EKE-Electronics Limited was established in 1986 and has its headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It has a capital of 17 thousand euros with annual sales being approximately about 17,500 thousand euros. The company has a workforce of 90 employees as of December 2019 with international offices in China and UK. Marko Makinen is the Managing Director at EKE-Electronics Limited.


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