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Net One Systems-Juniper Networks furthers networking Infrastructure


Net One Systems Co., Ltd., Japan’s one of the largest network integrators, has reportedly collaborated with Juniper Networks Inc., the American multination corporation providing high-performance networking & cyber-security solutions, to provide customers with Contrail Enterprise Multicloud as common services management platform.

Sources cite that the adoption of Juniper’s Contrail Enterprise Multicloud across multi-cloud-ready data centers enables Net One Systems to offer seamless automated network configuration and multitenant environments. Moreover, customers can enjoy improved external connectivity with the ability to deliver unified management policies. The solution will also help customers to improve the scalability of their platforms.

With this move, Net One Systems has further enhanced and strengthened its support for clients that are planning to make a seamless transition toward multi-cloud environments.

Commenting on which, Kunitoshi Hirukawa who is the General Manager of 2nd Applied Technology Department, Business Development Division at Net One Systems said that from implementation, planning, operation to optimization, the company wants to support its customers across their complete ICT infrastructure lifecycle by improving its services management platform.

Mr. Hirukawa added that the company focuses on adopting open standards in the systems that it offers to customers. The company’s platform is based on the foundation of open standards and it appreciates that its requirements have been realized by combining numerous devices, said Mr. Hirukawa.

Tomohiro Furuya, Japan Country Manager of Juniper Networks said that the company is dedicated to helping the companies to shift toward Multicloud environments via engineering simplicity. The company is pleased to announce that Net One Systems has adopted its Contrail Enterprise Multicloud as their service management platform, said Mr. Furuya.

Mr. Furuya added that together with Net One Systems, the company would continue to support its customers in operating and building automated, secure, and automated multi-cloud platforms.

For the record, Net One Systems delivers several operational services including the security diagnosis and monitoring of ICT infrastructure. Since 2016, the company has been integrating automated common service platform to increase cost efficiency and service delivery.

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