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Neustar-iSpot unite to integrate digital & television attribution

Neustar-iSpot unite to integrate digital & television attribution

Neustar and iSpot.TV have reportedly inked a collaboration to offer a combined TV analytics solution. The partnership will integrate iSpot.TV’s attribution and viewership data with Neustar’s Multi-Touch Attribution, Unified Marketing Analytics and Identity Management platforms. This, in turn, will offer clients a granular look at omnichannel marketing performance.

iSpot.TV CEO, Sean Muller has reportedly stated that a unified measurement system which offers multi-channel attribution in a single space is the Holy Grail of marketers in the present scenario, with businesses closely examining expenses across the board. He further claimed that the driving force behind this partnership is the tremendous client portfolio of both companies, including Fortune 500 clients.

iSpot uses TV fragmenting to measure viewership of OTT, connected TV and traditional TV at user level. According to Muller, combining these attributes with Neustar’s market mix & digital modeling expertise can provide the best of both worlds to customers.

The new solution will aid clients in deciding which media to invest in more, whether creative messages should be shifted or not, as well as which websites and channels prove most effective.

Neustar General Manager of marketing solutions and senior VP, Michael Schoen has also commented on the alliance, stating that it is the companies’ mission to deliver an integrated understanding of the influence of their TV and digital campaigns to business brand marketers, using integrated data at user-level.

Both iSpot and Neustar have some of the biggest marketers across the globe in their client portfolios. Of these, eight prominent advertisers have already been testing iSpot and Neustar’s combined resources for almost a year. iSpot.TV will pitch the new solution to its existing market client base, as will Neustar. For mutual clients or new clients that neither of the companies have worked with, they will pitch together. The revenue generated from the alliance will be split by the two companies.

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