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Oucica unveils portable car & desktop air purifiers for global markets


Oucica, Huntkey’s sub-brand or subsidiary, has reportedly launched its new portable air purifiers to serve the rising demand for the product in the global markets. To ensure a high-quality and efficient purification, the recent product is integrated with HEPA and photocatalyst filters.

In addition to the big-size air purifiers, the global source electronic brand also has unveiled the portable air purifiers. These purifiers have a compact design and are categorized into 2 series, i.e. car air purifiers & desktop air purifiers. The model of the car air purifier is CJ001, which will aid in enhancing the air quality and removing the contaminants inside the users’ cars. On the other hand, the model name of the desktop air purifier is DJ010, which will find a wide adoption for office or home use.

The dimension of CJ010, which has been designed like the water cup, is Φ67*180mm. The air volume of CJ010 is 3.6cbm/h. The product features air outlets on its top and air inlets near its bottom, with a button on top to control the air purification speed and volume.

Designed as an egg-shaped purifier, the DJ010 measures Φ108*160mm in dimension. It has a more robust air volume as compared to that of CJ010, by measuring over 10cbm/h. It is highly suitable for cleaning the room space of over 8 to 10cbm. It also features a standby consumption of less than 200mW and a maximum noise level of 38dB(A).

The common feature of DJ010 and CJ001 is their integration of HEPA and photocatalyst filters to enhance the filtering capacity. Photocatalyst, which is a non-consumable catalyst, can activate the chemical reactions to efficiently remove the airborne bacteria that cannot be filtered by the HEPA filters. The users of these two purifiers will have no secondary pollution concerns as the product can decompose the airborne hazards or bacteria into water and CO2.

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