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Tofane Global declares takeover of NOS International Carrier Services

  • The pact is expected to boost Tofane’s consolidation strategy and also expand the size of iBASIS with over additional 141 million euros in terms of revenue.
  • Emerges as a long term partner for international mobile and voice services.

Leading communication solutions group, Tofane Global has reportedly announced taking over a communications and entertainment group leader, NOS International Carrier Services. The transaction follows Tofane’s M&A and consolidation strategy, post the acquisition of iBASIS in February last year and Altice Europe N.V, international voice carrier and mobile business in France.

As per official sources, NOS recorded a remuneration of 141 million euros in 2019. Moreover, it has been reported that NOS would begin operation while being merged with the iBASIS brand acquired by Tofane, bolstering its size, reach, and product innovation to a global level. In this regard, iBASIS would emerge to become a preferred partner for all NOS International SMS, voice, IPX services, and mobile data.

This acquisition pact is said to strengthen iBASIS’ footprint in Portuguese markets. Besides, it will offer services to NOS’ 80 wholesale customers, adding over 2 billion minutes per year to its international voice traffic. In addition to this, the transaction also portrays Tofane’s robust development on mobile services by procuring NOS’ international SMS services.

Commenting on the acquisition, the Group CEO and founder of Tofane, Alexandre Pebereau cited that NOS’ acquisition represents the company’s expertise in reliable migrations allowing the operators to lay emphasis on their core operations. The completion of this pact has enabled the company to grow massively in mobile services network and positioned the company at Top 3 and among the first independent global carrier companies.

Meanwhile, the Executive Board Member of NOS, Manuel Ramalho Eanes stated that the transaction is a path for company’s growth. This pact allows NOS to extract the highest value for Tier 1 access while continuing to hold independence with regard to larger players. Further, it also enables the company to partner with iBASIS on novel innovations and services for its huge service portfolio.

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