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United Airlines unveils CleanPlus program to boost air travel safety

United Airlines unveils CleanPlus program to boost air travel safety

The global civil aviation sector has largely been affected by the coronavirus pandemic due to the restriction in air travel. According to a report furnished by the government officials, in mid-April, the air travel witnessed a downfall of nearly 97% as compared to the previous year.

Major American aviation company- United Airlines has reportedly collaborated with the Cleveland Clinic and Clorox in a new program named United CleanPlus, designed to control the nervousness of the flyers who choose to travel by air post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the components of the program include mandatory use of face masks for both crew and the customers, touchless kiosks during check-in along with an option for the flyers to opt for an alternative flight incase their aircraft is completely occupied.

Reportedly, even with the gradual increase in the demand for air travel, airline companies are trying to reassure the nervous citizens regarding the safety of choosing air travel.

Citing sources, the airline company’s partnership with the Cleveland Clinic and Clorox aims at providing additional assurance to its customers. This includes following strict policies like, provision of an “all in one” snack bag that comprises of bottled water, sanitizer wipe, pretzel, and a cookie. Add to that the increased sanitization of the cabin including electrostatic spraying before each flight, starting June.

Besides the above, touchless kiosks will be made available which will allow the flyers to print bag tags with the help of their phone to scan a QR code. A new boarding procedure that ensures social distancing among people will also be followed.

For the record, the United CleanPlus program restricts advance seat selection and allows the flyers to choose alternative flights in case their aircraft is likely to fly over 70% full.

In a recent statement by United Airlines, the CleanPlus program has developed the new procedures with the guidelines received from the Cleveland Clinic.

Along the same lines, recently, Delta Airlines launched its Delta Clean, while other carriers have also announced similar initiatives.


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