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Voyager expands its digital asset portfolio, adds 5 new tokens


Voyager Digital Canada Ltd., the public licensed crypto asset broker announces the addition of five new digital assets to its Voyager platform, expanding trade execution capabilities to 39 digital assets. The new tokens comprise Kyber Network (KNC), Compound (COMP), Celo (CELO), Maker (MKR) and Multi Collateral Dai (DAI).

Voyager Digital Ltd. is the crypto asset broker that provides turnkey solutions to the retail and institutional investors. Voyager offers its customers a safe custody and best execution regarding the choice of crypto assets. Voyager was established by the entrepreneurs from Wall Street and Silicon Valley who collaborated to bring an alternative that is better, more transparent and cost-effective for trading of crypto assets to the marketplace.

Details of the new tokens:

Kyber (KNC): It is a decentralized exchange that enables seamless performance of value exchange between the parties in ecosystem which ensures the usability of the tokens anywhere.

Compound (COMP): It is the ERC-20 asset governed by the community and allows the members of ecosystem to update the protocols with incentives.

Maker (MKR): It stabilizes and backs the DAI stable coin value through CDP

Collateral dai (DAI): It is the stable coin attached to the US Dollar and is collateralized by the Maker network.

CELO: It is the decentralized and open platform that builds a financial system for the growth of the community.

Sources claim that Voyager has added 2-Factor Authentication to the newly supported coins. It is a two- step verification process, which will provide better security features to its customers. Voyager has also added the functions such as deposit, withdrawal, and transfer to four of the newly supported coins in order to strengthen its user experience.


The CEO and Co-Founder of Voyager Digital Steve Ehrlich states that the alternative coins have gained continuous utility as well as popularity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have witnessed a significant growth in the number of digital asset transactions. As their customers prefer more of these safe haven assets, they will keep on bringing more such decentralized finance (DeFi) assets and features to their app regularly so as to create a platform that is unparalleled and enhances user experience, he added.


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