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Akers & Premas collab obtain clones of three COVID-19 antigens

Akers & Premas collab obtain clones of three COVID-19 antigens

Rapid health information technology developer Akers Biosciences, Inc., has reportedly announced that its collaboration with the prominent Premas Biotech has achieved a significant milestone. Reliable sources claim that the collaboration obtained the clones of, Spike (S), Membrane (M), and Envelope (E) – all the three vital coronavirus antigens, which they chosen for their vaccine candidate.

For the uninitiated, the clone development process comprises four basic stages. The first stage includes the design as well as synthesis of genes, the second involves selecting the right host, the third is inclusive of the insertion process of the gene into the host, while the fourth comprises the confirmation that the clone has the correct gene, and all the characteristics are correct as well.

Prabuddha Kundu, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Premas Biotech, has been quoted to state that the firm is highly pleased with the successful completion of this novel vaccine development phase. The company believes that its ability to close all these three antigens will ensure that its vaccine candidate is distinguished from others, Kundu says.

Further explaining why the firm is so happy with the development, Kundu went on to add that since the immune systems mainly witness the surface of a virus, the firm’s effort aims at providing the immune system, with three shots instead of one, inclusive of the S, E, and M together. In the event that a protein mutates, the vaccine may be non-efficacious – a scenario encountered with periodic seasonal flu variations, Kundu says, adding that with the inclusion of three shots, the immune system will be able to recognize the other two antigens, which the company believes may enhance its efficacy and help in making the vaccine candidate a success.

Christopher Schreiber, Executive Chairman, Akers, has been quoted to state that the company believes it is a step closer to finding an effective vaccine candidate for COVID-19. The firm has completed the first significant milestone and has also commenced the second stage in protein expression, he says, adding that the company hopes to provide an update on the same later in April.


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