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Biofourmis, Chugai to develop digital objective pain assessment tool


Boston-based digital therapeutics firm, Biofourmis Inc. has recently joined forces with Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. to develop a new digital solution that focuses on objective pain assessment of endometriosis.

The partnership would see Chugai leverage Biofourmis’ Biovitals® solution to co-create a novel digital system by using artificial intelligence-based algorithms and biosensors for conducting objective pain assessment. The platform would be validated in a multi-center, state-of-the-art observational study with over 120 endometriosis patients.

As per studies, pain is one of the major symptoms of endometriosis and is therapeutically vital. The severity of pain varies on a daily basis and can be a major reason affecting a patient’s quality of living.

As it is a subjective symptom, patients usually have a hard time quantifying the level of pain they are currently going through while communicating with family members and healthcare professionals. But with the help of the new digital solution, patients will be able to easily determine the level of pain.

Speaking on the move, Satoko Shisai, Head of Digital & IT Supervisory Division and Vice President, Chugai, said that with the help of Biofourmis, the company would be able to effectively understand the pathology of endometriosis while developing a comprehensive assessment for it.

Through this alliance, Chugai is strengthening its commitment to employing the most advanced digital solutions for gaining a better understanding of real-life patient needs. It is also fulfilling its objective to design innovative technologies for society, as mentioned in the CHUGAI DIGITAL VISION 2030.

Kuldeep Singh Rajput, Founder and CEO of Biofourmis, said that Chugai intends to become a prominent innovator by using advanced digital solutions and their company is thrilled to help it in achieving this target. This unique partnership with Chugai comes as another example of the growing consensus among healthcare companies that are focusing on integrating therapeutic developments with digital solutions.

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