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GM, Ventec team to expand ventilator production for COVID-19 patients

GM has reportedly collaborated with Ventec Life Systems for increasing the production of the latter’s next-gen ventilators that would primarily be needed for the growing number of patients affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

A gap in the supply of ventilators has been identified across the U.S. which can hinder the ability of hospitals to address urgent difficulties in preparing for COVID-19 patients, the number for which could go up to hundreds of thousands, who will need respiratory care.

Ventec, which is based in Bothell, Washington, produced 150 machines a month before the outbreak, but is now seeking to increase the number into thousands or even tens of thousands a month. With the new partnership, Ventec will be able to leverage the purchasing, logistic and manufacturing expertise of GM to meet its targets.

Ventec has developed VOCSN, a portable life-support machine that offers a combination of oxygen, ventilation, suction, cough assistance and nebulization services into a single devices. The small size of the system will allow it to be transported easily where required, helping to ensure the upsurge in positive coronavirus cases will not strain the medical facilities and provide continued support for paitents. had seemingly enabled the collaboration between GM and Ventec. It is a private-sector campaign aimed at bringing together business leaders nationwide to support COVID-19 counter measures of the government.

It has been reported that federal health officials will also look to convert tens of thousands of ventilators manufactured for other healthcare purposes. A partnership between GM and Ventec has added to the campaign efforts for serving the ones in need.

Ventec has raised over $20 million in January through a Series E round of funding, mostly from existing investors, bringing its total funding to around $60 million. By the end of last year, the company had 111 employees but is now expanding its workforce to help supplement the increase in production of ventilators.


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