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NeuroTheryX, Cyclica partner to develop cannabinoid-based drugs

NeuroTheryX, Cyclica partner to develop cannabinoid-based drugs

NeuroTheryX Canada Ltd. – a Toronto based pharmaceutical company has reportedly collaborated with Cyclica Inc. to establish a new entity, NineteenGale Therapeutics, with an aim to analyze and develop advanced cannabinoid-based medicines to cure anxiety, bipolar disorder, and pain.

Reportedly, the JV aims at combining the phenotype-based drug delivery solution of NeuroTheryX with advanced proteome screening network- Ligand Express, offered by Cyclica Inc. to uncover novel protein targets of the lead molecule of NeuroTheryX and facilitate the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

Apparently, the targets of interest were identified using the Ligand Express system developed by Cyclica and NeuroTheryX’s novel platform. The Ligand Express has predicted the previously unknown targets of NeuroTheryX within the top 20 major putative proteins and the top 0.25% of the proteins mentioned in the database of Cyclica.

According to Armen Manoukian, NeuroTheryX Chief Science Officer, the amalgamation of the technology of both the pharmaceutical companies has established an advanced and reliable approach towards drug discovery. The AI-based version of the newly developed cannabinoids variants by NineteenGale will register wide-ranging effects on patients diagnosed with mental health disorders, he further stated.

For the record, owing to the positive outcomes from previous collaborations, NeuroTheryX and Cyclica have come together to develop next-gen cannabinoid-based medications for neuropsychiatric and mental disorders.  Notably, NeuroTheryX will continue to combine its platform with Cyclica’s integrated Ligand Express and design platform to design innovative molecular structures under the newly formed NineteenGale.

Established in the year 2010, NeuroTheryX Canada is a novel CNS focused therapeutics firm that focuses on the development and drug delivery of both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. According to researches, complex diseases like neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders warrant a considerable amount of knowledge for developing effective treatments and meet the demand from a diverse patient group.

The collaboration between an established phenotype-based platform and an AI-augmented platform will allow the companies to make novel drug discoveries.


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