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Informatica acquires Compact Solutions to extend its product portfolio

Informatica acquires Compact Solutions to extend its product portfolio

Informatica, a US-based software company that focuses on cloud data management, has recently revealed that it has completed the acquisition of Compact Solutions LLC. Reportedly, this purchase would introduce Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform to the expanded metadata management powered by the CLAIRE AI engine.

The acquisition would support Informatica’s current leadership in automation and metadata-driven AI while extending its capabilities to allow customers to govern and catalog virtually all kind of enterprise data such as multi-vendor ETL, complex enterprise systems (e.g. mainframe), in addition to databases, hand-coded scripts & BI tools, data warehouses, data lakes, and applications.

With the help of its Enterprise Data Catalog along with Compact Solution’s advanced metadata connectivity, the company would be able to accelerate data governance, analytics, data warehouse modernization, and privacy initiatives by prioritizing and understanding all data and how it should be migrated and processed.

Speaking on the move, Amit Walia, CEO, Informatica, said that in the current scenario, companies are compelled to attain digital transformation much faster than they had previously anticipated or planned. As a result, Chief Data Officers require AI-driven data governance platforms to simplify the whole process of cataloging, governing, and managing data to be successful.

This acquisition would accelerate and extend Informatica’s leadership in automation and metadata-driven AI, as well as strengthen its strategy to deliver Data 4.0, helping enterprises to not only survive but to flourish in this rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Prior to this news, Informatica had made headlines when it unveiled its updated Intelligent Data Platform™. The release includes arrival of a privacy analytics dashboard that intends to lower the cost of compliance with laws such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Features like end-to-end support for MLOps and DataOps, integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) and Data Asset Analytics (DAA) for data valuation would enable businesses to develop reliable and resilient integration.

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