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Isracann Biosciences to focus on meeting cannabis demand in the EU

Isracann Biosciences to focus on meeting cannabis demand in the EU

Isracann Biosciences Inc., which is a company based in Israel and a high-quality, low-cost cannabis producer, has been boosting efforts to serve the expected rise in the demand for the domestic as well as the European markets. With the extension of the coronavirus health crisis in the second quarter of 2020, the supply chain for cannabis across the world has been tackling new challenges to be able to meet the rising demands.

The licensed European and the North American Cannabis operations are needing large amounts and uninterrupted inputs of both nutrients and fertilizers, accompanied by a wide range of skilled labor that will ensure timely plantation, growth, harvesting, testing as well as receiving the approval to be shipped at a certain scale. This will help serve both its domestic and international obligations.

The European Cannabis Report has noted that the actions to boost domestic European supply have been fragmented with Germany involved in developing regulatory framework, Italy making a contract with a Canadian supplier to help meet the demand as well as Denmark making efforts to import all of its supply needs. This particular environment suggests that an overall supply for the EU has been lagging.

The ongoing critical health circumstances may lead the production stressors to experience a possible delivery shortfall while testing the ability of the suppliers to be able to meet the requirements of the clinical trials as well as medical consumers all across the EU.

Isracann plans to give a response to the expected undersupply by using its advanced agronomics, superior domestic input supply, more than 300 days of sunshine every year and clear access to some important Mediterranean shipping routes which will create a path for achievable success.

The distribution partnership announced previously on Malta Island provides clear financial incentives along with highly regarded and sophisticated EU trading regulations. The company, however, has remained open to several options to make sure of the fast transshipment of the harvested goods to several high-value markets.


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