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Samsung to use Xilinx’s ACAP for global 5G commercial deployments

Samsung to use Xilinx’s ACAP for global 5G commercial deployments

Xilinx, a global leader in intelligent and adaptive computing, reportedly announced that its Xilinx VersalTM ACAP (adaptive compute acceleration platform) would be used by Samsung Electronics, the renowned consumer electronics giant, for global 5G commercial deployments. The company’s ACAPs offer a flexible, universal, and scalable platform that can address the requirements for multiple operators throughout multiple geographies.

Jaeho Jeon, the executive vice president and the head of R&D in Networks business at Samsung Electronics stated that the company is working very closely with Xilinx, making way to enhance the company’s 5G technical leadership as well as starting a new era in 5Ge.

Jeon further added that taking a step ahead by implementing Xilinx’s new advanced platform to the company’s solutions, the company hopes to boost 5G performance and expedite its position in the international market.

Versal ACAP is a multicore, highly-integrated, and heterogeneous compute platform, which operates at the core of 5G to conduct real-time, complex signal processing, including the sophisticated beamforming methods used to boost network capacity. With 5G infrastructure demands and market specifications still developing, there is a growing demand for adaptive compute Xilinx is known for.

Speaking on the contract, General manager and Executive Vice President, Wired & Wireless Group at Xilinx, Liam Madden stated that Samsung is a world leader in 5G innovation and the company is thrilled to play a crucial role in the 5G commercial deployments of such a market leader.

Madden further added that Versal ACAPs would offer higher signal processing performance as well as adaptability required to facilitate an extensive 5G experience to its consumers, today as well as in the future.

5G technology needs beamforming, that enables transmission of multiple data streams at the same time to multiple users by using the same spectrum. Versal ACAPs provide exceptional compute density and consumes less power to perform low-latency, real-time signal processing required by beamforming algorithms.

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