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Amazon to employ 75,000 more people to help meet online demand

Amazon to employ 75,000 more people to help meet online demand is reportedly  planning to hire about 75,000 additional people for a wide range of jobs, from warehouse services staff to delivery drivers, as people have stayed home in the lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus that has led to an increase in online product demand.

Shoppers across America have cleared out shelves due to the fear of major shortage of products or even the implementation of quarantine whereas the retailers have been making significant efforts to keep the hygienic product and food stock while having workers or employees for delivery or even for in-store work.

Apparently, the e-commerce giant is expecting to spend more than $500 million across the world in order to boost wages for every worker in the middle of the pandemic, as compared to an estimate of $350 million previously.

According to reliable sources, the new hiring will be a large addition to the already existing 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers that it had hired to meet the increase in demand.

The company stated that it is aware of the number of people who have been impacted economically as areas like restaurant, travel, and hospitality have witnessed significant job losses or furloughs on account of the continuing crises. Amazon has welcomed and urged anyone who is out of work to join the firm until things can settle down to normal and when past employers of those workers want them back for work.

The hiring spree that Amazon has undergone is now being mirrored by other companies within the retail and food sectors. There has been a circulation of news that the US unemployment claims have risen by a large number, 17 million, over the previous month.

Amazon has also faced major protests regarding the risks associated with COVID-19 at the stores and warehouses. Walmart made a move to add about 150,000 workers and the delivery service Instacart is looking for about 300,000 contract workers.


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