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ServiceNow releases 4-app suite & dashboard for safe return to work

ServiceNow releases 4-app suite & dashboard for safe return to work

ServiceNow, the leading company in digital workflow, has recently released a 4-app suite and dashboard, ServiceNow Safe Workplace, which is powered by its Now Platform. It has been designed to ensure an efficient return of employees to workplaces while supporting their health and safety.

Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow, has reportedly stated that the company is assisting businesses in managing the complex workflows that are required to keep workplaces and employees safe. Its new app suite & dashboard will help facilitate an easy return to workplaces for employees.

ServiceNow has expanded its workflow portfolio of the employees with its new app suite. It includes 4 new apps & a dashboard that aid companies in assessing the readiness of the workforce and workplace as they prepare for their employees to return to work. It also has released apps to support workforce readiness efforts of the companies led by HR, IT, Workforce Services, and Legal departments.

The company also has released 2 new apps to support the preparedness of companies to bring their employees back to workplaces, i.e. workplace safety management and workplace PPE inventory management. It can collect all the data from these apps and provide a single view with the Safe Workplace Dashboard. The dashboard offers visualizations for the collected data for free and will be covered with a map using the aggregated public data on the rate of infection.

Returning employees to workplaces requires careful execution, agility, and planning of the organizations to seamlessly develop a safe & productive experience, whether they continue working from home or return to the workplace. Organizations that follow digital workflows and are digitally transformed will be better enabled to efficiently, safely and productively return to work.

The recent announcement was built upon the company’s launch of a customer care program on 16th March to help customers focus on maintaining their business operations during the pandemic. It also has recently released various updates to two apps to help pivot companies’ return to a traditional workplace. The updates include emergency self-report and emergency outreach.

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