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IQVIA debuts technology-centric COVID-19 trial matching tool

IQVIA debuts technology-centric COVID-19 trial matching tool

Human data science major IQVIA™ has reportedly made it to the headlines for having declared its new, technology equipped trial matching tool for COVID-19, at The latter, for the record, is one of the world’s first online platforms which matches individuals with selected COVID-19 studies in order to fast-track clinical research projects.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, this COVID-19 Trial Matching Tool by IQVIA is accessible at This solution reportedly  combines IQVIA data and tools, publicly available information, along with an algorithmic logic which creates a questionnaire based on earlier responses in order to match patients and investigators for increasing the pace of the current COVID-19 clinical research projects in the United States. With this unique solution, patients will quickly and very conveniently be able to navigate a search process (which otherwise may have been rather complicated), to find relevant trial options for them.

Richard Staub, President, Research & Development Solutions, IQVIA, has been quoted to state that the company, in the wake of the current pandemic, has created the first, highly comprehensive, online trial matching tool and screener and for the COVID-19 trials held in the United States. This is a sponsor-agnostic solution and will speed up the clinical research trials right from phases I to IV at a time when they are most necessary, via connecting users to the investigators of COVID-19 who have been working to discover and come up with vaccines and treatment options for this disease, Staub further said.

He also added that IQVIA as a company, is highly focused on providing industry-leading clinical development solutions for supporting and bettering human health.

Sources aware of the development claim that this unique solution uses the IQVIA CORE™, and connects and integrates the company’s healthcare data, advanced analytics, therapeutic and domain expertise, and technology in order to create a highly innovative method to speed up clinical research. The company plans to apply its decades-old experience of handling sensitive health data for research purposes pertaining to this initiative, by employing a widespread range of methods for reporting information responsibly.

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