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SpineGuard obtains the CE Mark for DSG Connect platform release

SpineGuard obtains the CE Mark for DSG Connect platform release

Paris based SpineGuard has recently announced receiving CE mark for the commercialization of its DSG technology based platform. The platform was already in use experimentally to assist surgical robots. However, the company would now apply it to its entire gamut of products.

For the record, SpineGuard is an innovative firm that deploys its Dynamic Surgical guidance (DSG) sensing technology to streamline the placement of bone implants. This platform or technology is claimed to be a radiation free real time technology which is extensively being used by the company.

This strategic move, the attainment of CE mark, enables the company to go for the European launch of a new generation of PediGuard and smart screw devices deployed with the DSG Connect module.

As per official sources, DSG Connect is a tablet based software interface which adds a visual interpretation to the audio feedback for optimal exploitation of signals during pedicle screw placement. In addition to this, it also enables data recording of impedance values of bones, that stands as an indication of optimal screw placement within the pedicle.

Commenting on the matter, Stephane Bette, the co-founder and Deputy CEO of SpineGuard stated that DSG Connect serves as a major step in the development of company and implementation of DSG technology. This platform holds significance not only for its industrial potential, but also for its strategic price. Moreover, the DSG Connect shows the congruity of DSG direct measurement of bone tissue thickness, carried out in real time sans the X-Rays. Other than this, the component is also an important constituent of the application for surgical robots aiming at augmenting the autonomy and safety.

Mr. Better further adds that SpineGuard is sure of its willingness to continue innovation in the DSG field. On the business front, the company is expected to launch a new range of PediGuard devices in the regions of Europe equipped with advanced functionalities to support surgeons during spine surgery procedures. The launch of PediGuard would bolster the company’s sales network while it closely monitors the impact on consumer conversion and retention.

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