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Komma to launch next generation space-saving air purifier “Lov”


Innovative home appliances company Komma has reportedly announced its plans to launch a uniquely elegant and minimalist air purifier called “Lov” on Kickstarter. The company has claimed that the purifier is adaptable to any room interior and is a huge space-saver.

An air purifier is an important room accessory and must blend smoothly with the surrounding ambiance, states the home appliances innovator. A research conducted by the company states that every space has its own personality and limitations. An ordinary purifier lacks adherence to the specific needs of various spaces in compliance with the changing situation.

Also, it is always not possible for a customer to spend money on a new purifier each time the person moves to a new place or plans a renovation. Taking these drawbacks into consideration, Komma states that it has designed an adaptable air purifier that can be customized to suit various spaces and situations without compromising on its functionality.

As per sources, “Lov” air purifier is an exclusive combination of beauty and functionality and its four adaptable designs give it a remarkable selling proposition, as this feature also saves space enabling the purifier to complement any room ambience.

As per the company, regular air purifiers have various problems including their bulky machine-looking artificial design that occupies a fair share of interior space. Some air purifiers have a fixed non-adaptable form unable to comply with the specific needs of different rooms and situations, while others have many complicated and unwanted buttons, cause noise, or lack promise on quality purification.

On the other hand, “Lov” air purifier has a Scandinavian-inspired design that looks natural and comes in four adaptable placement formats that enable customization. In addition to being lightweight, the product has a compact design and a patented technology that combines its high performance with a space-saving profile, while operating on a pin-drop silence mode.


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