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Pieces to provide NPOs & health firms free Pieces Iris® subscriptions


Pieces Technologies, a renowned healthcare AI and technology firm, has reportedly announced that the company will be providing free subscriptions to its Pieces Iris® case management software tool to qualifying health organizations and NPOs.

The cloud-based Pieces Iris® software helps NPOs better track and manage their clients as they get social services in a community. The software also can address the reporting requirements that are needed by these organizations to be able to support grant funding.

Pieces Technologies Founder and CEO, Ruben Amarasingham, MD, stated that many of the company’s customers cater to some of the world’s most vulnerable demographics. Given the rapidly growing threat of the coronavirus pandemic, the company believes that supporting such organizations better serve their respective missions is crucial for the continued health of a large population.

To be able to qualify for this sponsored subscription, an enterprise must be a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization that had a revenue less than $300,000 last year. However, for enterprises that surpass the $300,000 revenue cap, the company is giving out additional discounts.

During this time, the company’s focus is on ensuring that all its charitable organizations have a Pieces Iris® access, allowing efficient facilitation of services along with the ability to track services and needs that have been delivered.

Amarasingham further added that organizations like food pantries, community-based services, and faith-based organizations have a deeper and wider reach throughout communities across the United States. Supporting these services and further expanding their sphere of influence through software tools such as the Pieces Iris® can effectively help the society seek more powerful and efficient ways to fulfil the needs of the population that is both indirectly and directly affected by the coronavirus.

The Pieces Iris is an innovative database tool that is HIPAA compliant, and is utilized by several communities so that social and healthcare organizations can share knowledge and refer people to appropriate resources like housing, food, and transport.

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