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ProKNX set to launch its fully offline home assistant PRATGLAD


ProKNX, a renowned French IoT startup developing innovative home automation systems, has reportedly announced that it would be launching its latest home automation product that, according to company claims, would be a massive success in the smart home industry.

CTO of ProKNX, Jens Kastensson stated that the idea of developing PRATGLAD came up owing to serious concerns regarding the intrusion of privacy of users of smart home devices, an issue that is in focus across the home automation industry. The company sees this as an unacceptable compromise. The consistent recording of utterances and continuous data transfer to the cloud is a severe privacy breach for customers, as well as a needless waste of energy.

Kastensson further added that the company decided to find a workable solution that would support the customers’ right to enjoy the smart home technology without dealing with this aspect of using a home automation device. It was through this serious concern that PRATGLAD was developed.

PRATGLAD means chatty in the Swedish language, it is the first home assistant device that utilizes ML (machine learning) as well as Natural Language Understanding to comprehend and respond to several commands that can be given in a thousand different ways. This feature enables the device to operate entirely off-line, protecting user privacy.

This new automated home assistant is inexpensive, easy to set up plug-and-play device. Users of IKEA’s Trådfri products would be able to use the device to control smart blinds and lights through voice alone, without using a remote control, tablet, or any app.

This device is affordable for an average customer and, unlike other smart home devices currently available in the market, can be customized by the buyer, offering them the freedom to buy and install the product themselves without needing any installation experts.

PRATGLAD for Trådfri would be rolled out in June and would primarily be available for online orders with a built-in understanding of English, with French or German language options as per requests.


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