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Huntkey unveils fast-charge lightning cable for Apple products

Huntkey unveils fast-charge lightning cable for Apple products

Huntkey, which is a renowned provider of power solutions, has recently launch its new lightning charging cable for various Apple devices. The charger is 100 cm or 3.3ft in length and also has a USB-C Connector. It facilitates fast charging as well as data transferring speeds when paired with a fast charger.

Apparently, the cable has been specially designed for several lighting-powered devices that can prove to be compatible with iPhone 8 and an 8 plus, the X series like XS, XR along with XS MAX and finally the 11 series that includes 11 Pro as well as 11 Pro Max.

It also supports several advanced charging protocols to be able to secure a fast-charging speed while also keeping it connected with 30W USB-C charger of Huntkey, which is a USB-C Power Delivery Charger. The cable has been made with the help of some premium components and the superior wiring has been covered over with a durable shielding.

According to reliable sources, laboratory testing has confirmed that the components are capable of withstanding more than 2,000 bends as well as 10,000 insertions. In order to prove its quality, it has been offered with a warranty of about 18 months.

For the record, Huntkey Enterprise Group had been founded in the year 1995 and has its headquarters located in Shenzhen. It is part of The International Power Supply Manufacturer’s  Association (PSMA) as well as the member of The China Power Supply Society (CPSS). Huntkey has essentially specialized in the design of industrial power supplies, adapters, chargers, the manufacturing of PC power supplies, and surge protectors over the course of several years.

Huntkey has its branches spread over in Japan, USA, and few other regions along with factories located across Argentina, Brazil and various other nations. Huntkey has also served firms like Haier, BestBuy, Lenovo and DELL with the help of its own manufacturing strength and technologies.


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